The fastest way to deploy site offices into remote locations

Traditional site offices in remote locations just don't work!

You might as well set your money on fire

Say goodbye to fixed site offices,
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Why your first choice should be Gunsyn Hire

No matter how remote our mobile site offices excel

Ready to Run

We’re passionate about building functional, ready to run units that are built to make working in remote locations easier then its every been.

As soon as our site caravans arrive onsite, they are ready to use immediately. From push button generators to kitchens with fridges and freezes, we’ve thought of it all, and taken care of it for you.

All of your standard creature comforts toilets, septics tanks, water tanks, steps, whiteboards, chairs and storage compartments are all included, no extra cost or hidden fees.

No Cranes Required

Heavy plant moves are dangerous, and are the single greatest hazard to your property and people. And for sites in remote areas, finding a crane and operator is either as rare as hens teeth or prohibitively expensive, for most its outright not an option.

Our entire mobile fleet require no lifting equipment at all, meaning you can complete do away with the worry, risk and cost of heavy plant moves. When they arrive onsite, Simply roll them into place, put down the stabilising legs down, job done.

No Cranes, No Risk, No Cost, No Worry.


No Tradesman

Forget about organising and needing to be onsite for multiple tradesman, massive call out fees, them letting you down or worse yet not even bothering to turning up at all.

Every single caravans in our fleet comes completely decked out and hooked up to all services.

Electrical, plumbing, h-vac, all done and taken care of!

No Site Prep

We build tough, dependable site caravans that are made to go anywhere on your worksite.

This means no expensive site levelling, no dry block installs, no cement pads. Simple wind down the stabilizers, fold out the stairs and it’s ready to go!

All our site offices are road drivable

Tow & Go

No one moves traditional site offices, the expense, cost and danger of doing so make it prohibitive. The problem is work sites change and evolve. What was once a central location for your team, is now a painful distance away from the work front.

Gone are the days of fixed assets that don’t move. Our mobile site caravans go anywhere, stay anywhere, move anywhere, providing you and your team total site flexibility.

Now as your work site moves, so too can your site offices, reducing time and saving money. Simply hook-up, Tow and Go. It’s that easy.

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