Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our more common questions

The below are some of the more common question we get asked with regards to our mobile site caravans. If you still have a question that isn’t on the list, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you straight away.

Most of our units weigh approximately 3.5t but that doesn’t mean a 3.5t rated vehicle can legally tow it. GVM tare weight and GCM both influence what you can tow. To tow our Series 9 caravan, the vehicle needs to have a minimum tow rating of 4500kg, so a light truck would be suitable.

Our Series 7 caravans can be towed with a Landcruiser/BT50/Ford Ranger etc. with a minimum 3500kg rating.

For more information, please read Safe Towing Guide Australia document.

Yes, all our caravans are fully road registered.

Most of our units have two (2) black poly septic tanks. Each tank is 300ltr capacity and pump outs are totally based on usage, each toilet uses 1/2ltr per flush. Septic pump outs are arranged by the hirer.

It is essential septic and water tanks are empty prior to towing.

There are two methods that can be used:

  1. Via the 50mm Camlock
  2. Through an inspection port, usually located in a toilet or compartment on the right side of the caravan.

There are two tanks, located under the chassis, each holding 300ltrs.

The generator will use 1.2ltrs per/hour at 75% load. The yellow diesel tank is located under the chassis and holds 100ltrs.

We have multiple caravan sizes. Dimensions can be found on our website (link to website floor plans) and we also include this information on our quotations.

Each caravan has a 12V fridge/freezer with a deep cycle battery and will continue to run for approximately 30 hours with no power.

Yes, all our caravans have two (2) 15amp electrical inputs with a changeover switch next to the electrical box inside the main cabin.

Yes, as long as it is removed on return & no damage is caused.

Yes, both septic and water MUST be empty before transport.

Responsibility for servicing will depend on the location of the project, this will be outlined in the quotation. Servicing of the generator is required as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, every 250hrs. A servicing schedule and replacement filters will be supplied in the caravan.