Cummins Onan Generator

Cummins Onan Generator

At Gunsyn Hire, we pride ourselves on only using quality products and equipment.  For remote regions’ operations and projects where there is poor site access and/or no mains power options, we need reliable generators in our Mobile Site Offices.  Our work caravans can be found everywhere from downtown Sydney City to the Surat Basin, providing a safe and comfortable office/lunchroom environment regardless of the location.

One of the generator brands we use in our Mobile Site Offices is Cummins Onan.  Cummins has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality, reliable generators.  Their units are compact but powerful with reduced noise production; making them perfect for any location.

The 5Kva model generator is up to 15 dB(A) quieter than conventional diesel generator sets and has an enclosed muffler for added quietness.

All our generators have an easy push button startup or we can install a programmed timer system that will start and stop the generator automatically each day.   We recently installed a timer system for our Mobile Site Office located on the Gold Coast, QLD.  This van is being used by Department of Transport and Main Roads as a temporary bus driver facility and because there are different people using the facility each day, TMR needed an option to automatically start/stop the generator for the drivers each day.

Other benefits of the Cummins generators include:

Automatic glow plug eliminates preheat time uncertainty
Self-diagnostic capability simplifies troubleshooting
Convenient, top-mounted switches and coolant level check/fills
Complete, integrated package for easy, low-cost installation
Service and maintenance points accessible through easy-latch side service door

Andrew from All Sparks Wiring Solutions fitting a Cummins Generator on one of our Mobile Site Offices.